About Us

s5 logo2We are a new organization of Idaho citizens compelled to find others who, like us, are concerned about our common future.

We seek a state revenue system that is fair to all economic groups AND generates the currently-missing state funds needed to more adequately fund the public education we need for our family security, economic growth and informed self-governance.

The organization follows three years of studies on Idaho’s state tax structure and its impacts on the funding of public education, assembled by members of the League of Women Voters of Idaho.

In order to accomplish the goal of enabling a revenue stream that ensures adequate funding for public education, Fair Share Idaho is spearheading a statewide ballot initiative that directly asks citizens to mandate the changes in existing tax code needed to create such a stream without requiring any participation by elected officials.

To move forward with a citizen-led ballot initiative, the state requires that a “political action committee” be formed and registered with the state. Fair Share Idaho is that committee.

The hard work now begins.

Thank You for supporting Idaho's children!

(Paid for by Fair Share Idaho, Corliss Neuber, Treasurer, 208.488.2070)